By adhering to all current water supply standards and following all European norms, AQUASAVE are the optimum solution for storing drinking water.

AQUASTAR ABEE tanks are ideal for drinking water storage because:

  1. The contained water is not in contact with the metal surface of the supporting shell. The interior of the tank is lined with a membrane that is suitable for water storage. All liners are certified for drinking water storage according to current European Standards and Guidance.
  2. The cover of our roofed tanks, comprising of a metal frame and metal sheeting as cover, is made of materials with high corrosion resistance that don’t allow the contamination of the contained water, in the long term

Along with the ever-growing demand for clean drinking water in Greece and globally, there is a rise in the applications of water treatment. Water treatment plants, multimedia rapid filtration and desalination plants are in use globally for providing drinking water for domestic and public use.

Our company has collaborated with the biggest manufacturers and operators of desalination water treatment plants, by installing tanks in Greece and abroad.

Specifically in desalination plants the following types of tanks are being installed:

  1. Tanks for storing the produced drinking water.
  2. Tanks for storing sea water.
  3. Tanks for storing the left-over brine.